How it Works

Everything we offer is sorted by the position of your company on the Sales Alpha Roadmap™. 

But what is Sales Alpha?

SalesAlpha refers to the excess sales growth above the industry growth rate. In other words, sales alpha is the growth leading directly to greater market share.

We have 2 specific programs that fit SalesLoft clients based on The Sales Alpha Roadmap.  They aren't training, coaching, cadence writing, or strategy alone.  Our job is to affect change so we provide all of the above in EVERY engagement.

The Revenue Acceleration Program For Predictable Sales Growth

The only agile managed services program we know of in the industry provides you with a method of changing behaviors and creating long-term success  Rather than saddling you with directives (and more work), we get our hands dirty with you and help do the work. We write cadences, advise on process changes, train, coach, and much more.  You get our best.  Our job: help establish trainable, repeatable, and scalable systems in the right order.

The Continuity Acceleration Program To Unify Business Units and Create a More Effective SalesForce

Your bridge to renewed focus and leverage, as accelerating growth becomes a true team effort. Your company has seen the success.  It has diversified its product line and purchased other companies all in the name of aligning the sales forces to sell more products to the same clients.  Unfortunately, the business units are still selling in silos.  

That's where we come in to help drive an increase in sales effectiveness which drives deeper more meaningful conversations with your clients leading to higher loyalty and higher lifetime value from each client.  Our job is to help your sales leaders drive effective change which increases the production of each rep and the value experienced by each client throughout the sales process.

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