How it Works

For Sales leaders that want more focused activity, more sales opportunities, more clients, and more revenue from their sales team in a consistent and repeatable way, Ken Lundin & Associates created the Sales Alpha Roadmap for SalesLoft users. 

We understand how complex and confusing sales can be because we’ve been coaching and leading sales teams for the past 20 years. 

We follow a 5-step process working with you:  

  1. Optimize - We work with you to laser focus your process, messaging, and frameworks to create higher sales engagement.
  2. Amplify - Launch targetted campaigns that are highly focused to achieve new business and provide cross-selling or up-selling opportunities.
  3. Connect - Motivating your customers and prospects to engage with you across multiple channels and over their real pains.
  4. Engage - Mobilizing your prospects and customers to take the next step in the process to understand how your offer helps them.
  5. Multiply - Capture revenue in a trainable, repeatable, and scalable way.  

 We’ve taken everything we’ve learned and created this repeatable and scalable sales system to get more focused, results-driven activity out of your sales team, to connect with more qualified leads, close more ideal clients, and drive more revenue for your business.  

Does your company want to have a greater impact, make more money and grow with confidence? 

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