How it Works

The RevShoppe team has built a program to help our customers maximize their investment in Salesloft. I’m excited to have such an amazing team of Sales Engagement experts in our ecosystem to support our growing customer base.

- Kyle Porter, CEO at Salesloft

Our Services:

Diagnosis Types

  • Salesloft technical audits
  • Content audits
  • Enablement/change management audits

Get Well Plans

  • Operations
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Enablement and Change Management

Stay Well Plans

  • Managed Services - Admin
  • Managed Services - Training and Enablement
  • Managed Services - Content Operations and Strategy
  • Strategic Advisory

Get better. Stay better.

Work with the true experts, alpha users, and the most trusted Salesloft partner to learn the ins and outs of your platform — and our secrets to effective operations, cadences and training.

We will diagnose and prescribe the preventative and recovery controls needed to drive adoption, engagement and change management across our three core pillars with Salesloft — so you can deliver an unrivaled buyer experience.